Do Spiders Get Revenge?

Spiders are really fascinating and interesting creatures. You might hate them or they may disgust you but you cannot refuse to believe how impressive these little monsters are!

Spiders are the most widely inhabited anthropods which mean they are not in anyway insects. Yes, you heard me right spiders are not insects. So why are you reading this blogpost under the name “Insect101” because spiders are commonly perceived as insects and leaving behind our favorite and coolest crawling creep would be such a loss!

Back to our main question today of the blog- Do spiders take revenge? Our short and quick answer would be NO. We don’t think so that spiders actually take revenge.

Why Spider Is Not An Insect?

Spiders belongs to a group of animals called “arachnids”.  Scorpions, mites, and ticks also belong to the same family.  Arachnids are creatures with two body segments, eight legs, no wings or antennae, and are not able to chew. Many people think that spiders are insects but they are mistaken since insects have six legs and three main body parts.  Most insects have wings. So, spiders are not insects they are Arachnids.

Insects vs Arachnids

Spiders And Revenge

Spiders are really simple creatures as compared to us, humans. Their brain is even much simpler than ours and so are their lives. Making a point that their nervous system may be more developed than the other bugs but in the end, it’s brain and nerves of a spider, and having a complex humanly emotion such as love or hate is highly unlikely for them.

What’s Revenge?

Revenge is basically an emotion in action. It is an action derived from hate and vengeance. Revenge is carried out or taken in return for an inflicted pain or injury. So yea revenge is a very emotional action and hence requires a lot more than just an organ or a few nerves. It’s about memory, perception, ego, consciousness which are too complex for a spider to have it all in their simpler bodies.

Do Spiders Have Emotions?

New researches do show that insects and other alike creatures have emotions. But they are in no way how we humans conceptulize emotions but that doesn’t mean that a certain creature does not have emotions

Most of their emotion is stimulus-driven for example a spider will certainly detect a predator approaching towards and will carry out simple action in return. We do not know yet how complex was this action from stimuli to action because if this was a human case for example if a man saw a leopard while exploring the jungles of Africa, the process from stimuli to action would be very complex. It would involve his memory from past experiences, the release of chemicals in the brain and hormones in the body then he will take an appropriate decision through his decision-making skills and survival instincts developed over the years.

So yea spiders do have emotions but as per the latest research, their emotions are much simpler than ours just like their bodies.

Are Spiders Intelligent?

Spiders are really among the most intelligent little creatures on our planet. Their brains and cognitive abilities have shocked the scientists as they carried out much complex such as weaving webs for catching their prey and not only that the way they interact with their preys is much more amazing!

Spiders have shown evidence to calculate how to solve a particular problem and they can also learn from instant past experiences.

To be specific, jumping spiders have shown surprisingly hidden intellectual abilities as compared to other spiders. For example a jumping spider have an exceptional 3D vision in full bright colour, good hearing and sense of touch and smell. The combination of these senses and their brain power makes them curious, and they love to watch what’s going on around them.

Are Spiders Intelligent Enough To Take Revenge?

Probably not because the concept of revenge is too human for them. As most of their intelligence is used in survival and giving them better chance against their predators and providing them with essential abilities for their hunting and gathering.

Do Spiders Have Memory?

Memory is the most incumbent thing when it comes to taking revenge. In case we assume that spiders do take revenge and so they obviously remember the being that inflicted injury or pain upon them? Can they remember that or do they have memory for it? Let’s see what researchers say about it.

Will A Spider Remember Your Face?

Probably not! Although according to the latest research, spiders can see a lot more as compared to other crawling creatures but remember or recognizing is believed to be far more complex for the simple brains of spiders.

It will only recognize you that you belong to a different species or whether you are prey or predator. While carrying out webbing it can also detect and choose appropriate places. For example, if you accidentally destroy a spider’s web, it will most probably change its place and will choose a safer place because it remembers that it was broken in the previous place

Spider Fighting Each Other

Can they use their memory to take revenge?

Although they have memory, their memory is probably short-term to remember that you tried to kill it a month ago. Additionally, as we have discussed above that revenge involves a combination of complex things that today are yet to be discovered in these little creatures. So for now, no the spiders will probably not remember if you try to kill it as memory is solely for survival and adaptative measures.

Can Spiders Feel Pain?

Of course, they feel pain and get injured and will probably react to it. But this pain and injury is just a stimulus to them and the react likewise. For example, a spider will feel heat or pressure and will react by either running, hiding or maybe attacking but that’s all it will do. It will not be emotionally hurt by this action or will keep grudges to take revenge later.

So yea, spiders do feel pain but that does not mean it will take revenge for it on the person or bug that inflicted pain upon it.


So according to the article and today’s research, we can conclude that revenge is much of a luxury concept to attach to spiders. As their abilities have been developed to carry out survival and adaptation and are nothing related to the human-made concept of revenge.

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