Do Praying Mantis Eat Mealworms?

Yes, Praying Mantises can and do eat mealworms. Mealworms are packed with nutrition of all sorts as not only are they high in protein but also contain quite some amount of fat and fiber. So they can be summed up to conclude that they are quite nutritious for Praying Mantises. Some of the other things that Praying Mantises love to feed on include the following

  • hornets
  • spiders
  • Grasshoppers
  • katydids
  • small reptiles
  • amphibians
  • hummingbirds.
  • Flies
  • Ants
  • Mice
  • Small Snakes
  • Ladybugs
  • Small turtles
A Video Elaborating On The Insects That Praying Mantises Eat

To elaborate on the things that Praying Mantis eats, it is best to define a praying mantis as a Generalist. For those of you who don’t know generalist refers to insects who eat literally any other insect that they can, and that comes near it.

Fun Fact:

The Praying Mantis is also cannibalistic in nature, which means that it doesn’t mind eating its own specie. A recent study found that female mantises end up eating their mates after copulation around 13 to 28 percent of the times

Do Praying Mantis Eat Ladybugs?

Yes, as can be seen above in the list, Praying Mantis do eat ladybugs. Moreover, Lady bugs are rather quite nutritious too. 43% of them is fat, they contain lots of sodium and carbohydrates too

Do Praying Mantises Eat Mosquitoes?

Yes, Praying Mantises eat mosquitoes quite enjoyably. Not only are they an easy prey for Praying Mantises but they are also quite nutritious. They are packed with nutrients, protein, and carbs. The only problem is that they are ariel and hence aren’t usually in the proximity of a praying mantis. But in case they do end up in the proximity of a praying mantis, they are as good as dead.

Praying Mantis Hunting

The praying mantis usually hunts with the help of its front legs. The front legs of the praying mantis have evolved over time to form claw-like structures to help them in their hunting. Moreover their overall structure and color makes them natural experts at camouflaging. Praying Mantises are majorly covered with green and have some brown spots. Their stick-looking shapes makes them look like a leaf when surrounded by a few plants or greenery. This makes it harder for the prey to anticipate Praying Mantises’ attacks.

Praying Mantises are hunters, they are not like some other insects that set up their traps and wait for their preys. They hide and attack or attack head on whenever they see a prey in their near proximity

Do Praying Mantis Eat Caterpillars?

Yes, Caterpillars are one of the usual insects when it comes to the diet of a praying mantis. But Caterpillars are usually targetted by young Praying Mantises who are still growing and learning their way around the world. As soon as they become strong and more mature, they start targeting bigger and bigger prey

Do Praying Mantis Eat Lizards?

Yes, this might come surprising to many as lizards are way taller and seem more strong than a praying mantis. But praying mantis are one of the most ambitious insects when it comes to hunting. And they don’t mind hunting creatures that are bigger than them. They are often seen feasting on not only lizards but also frogs and mouses. Down below is a video attached of how a Praying Mantis dominates a Lizard its lunch with quite some ease

Do Praying Mantises Eat Mouse?

Yes, as you might have guessed reaching this part of the blog, that Praying Mantises are not insects that one can just simply underestimate. As not only are they ambitious when it comes to getting their preys. They are way too efficient in the killing, they are born killers and always keep on trying to get bigger and bigger prey. Though some might die in the endeavor but many survive which gives them even more experience in killing bigger prey than themselves. So any insect or small animal that things that it has a got a chance against a Praying Mantis because it is small don’t usually stand a chance. Moreover, mouse doesn’t even cut the part of the most ambitious plays by praying mantises as they are usually not bigger then mantises. But an insect-eating a mammal is without a doubt a sight that astounds many

Down below is a video showing a praying mantis preying on a mouse

Do praying Mantises Eat Humming Birds?

Yes, there have been quite a few instances where praying mantises have been seen to not only attack a hummingbird but beat and eat it. Praying Mantis’ diet doesn’t really consist of birds as birds are Arial creatures as you know, but Mantises being ambitious predators don’t usually get a chance like this slide by. Down below is a video attached of a clash between hummingbirds and a mantis.

Do Praying Mantis Eat Snakes?

Yes, and it’s not even that rare to see a face-off between a snake and a praying mantis as both of them can usually be found in the same habitat. There have been instances where Praying mantises have lost to big snakes, but they also defeat snakes and eat them. And like we said this is not a very rare sight and this has been quite often seen and shown if you are in the right place at the right time. Down below is a video of a face-off of a praying mantis and a snake.

Grasshoppers And Praying Mantis

Grasshoppers are one of the easiest preys of Praying Mantises that praying mantises just love to feed on. Praying mantises also don’t mind feeding on insects bigger than grasshoppers as bigger means more food and nutrition for them

Hopefully this article was helpful in answering some of your Praying Mantis’ related questions. If you want to go through an article about the largest Praying Mantis, we have a great article written on just that so do give it a look if you are interested “Chinese Mantis: The Largest Mantis – All About It

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