Do Insects Make Good Pets?

This might sound weird to some people but insects are indeed great pets, they are easily kept in a small space and require little care. Insects kept as pets may be unusual to countries like the United States, they are commonly kept as pets in countries like Japan. Some people find insects like crickets as a good replacement to commonly kept pets, such as Dogs, as crickets also provide warning signs of danger.

Now that we’ve established that insects are indeed great pets, let’s see which insects make good pets as there are alot of them.

Insects Which Make Great Pets.

Insects have by far the most amount of species than any other animal groups, and it can get quite confusing as to which insect makes the greatest pets, down below we’ll list a couple of insects and you can choose whichever one you like the most.

1. Praying Mantis

Praying mantis are by far the most commonly kept pet insets, they are easy to care for and require little attention apart from feeding them. They feed on many other small insects, and as they grow older and stronger they can feed on larger insects and even small birds.

Praying Mantis

Their diet is carnivorous and they will not survive on dead food, they need live insects and this is probably one of the potential downsides of keeping a praying mantis, you have to keep live insects and a large variety of them. Pet store crickets should also be transferred on to a healthy diet, as they might endanger your praying mantis.

Furthermore, they come from warmer climates and if you live in a colder environment, you might need artifical heating to make sure your pet is comfortable. Moreover, they can also be handled safely, as it is highly unlikely for them to bite your hand.

2. Stick Insects

As insects are famous for their wide amount of species, stick insects don’t hold back, they have a whopping 2500+ species. But Indian stick insects are mostly kept as pet. They require even less care then praying mantises, you can leave them a week without care and they’ll be just fine.

Stick insects are famous for camouflaging and they are extremely delicate. You have to handle them with care, don’t pick them up with their legs, rather their body. They do not attack or bite humans, so you have nothing to worry about. They are nocturnal insects and so remain active during the night, and are rather lazey during the day unless they are disturbed.

stick insects

Stick insects can be easily housed in a small cage, but as a rule they should be atleast 3 times as long as their own length, other popular choices include glass jars, but you should be careful to provide them just enough opening for airflow, but not enought so that they can get out of the cage. Another thing to care for is fungi growth, you do not want that as fungi can kill your pet insect.

Stick insects also require warmer temperatures, so if you are living in a colder environment, you might wanna invest in a cheap heater.

3. Cockroaches

Cockroaches just like any other insect, have a tonne of species, 3,500 to be exact but only 30 of them can be considered as pests. Most commonly kept Cockroaches are Madagascar hissing cockroaches, the Death’s head cockroach, and the Indian Domino Cockroach.


Cockroaches can be housed easily, but certain factors need to be considered. You have to provide and escape free cage for your cockroach, most young cockroaches can easily get out of even the smallest openings, you also have to make sure that the temperature and humidity is suitable according to your species, or they will die.

Cockroaches generall feed on fruits, vegetables, rotting wood etc, if the food you provide them easily rots, then you have to remove it from the cage before it rots.

4. Millipedes.

Millipedes are also great insects to keep, and they have around 7000 species. If properly cared for they can live upto 10 years. They can hurt you if you disturb them, they do this by excreting an irritating chemical.


Millipedes feed on fresh fruits and vegetables and they can be easily housed. Millipedes don’t require tall enclosures, but they should have enough length to move around and some hiding places.

5. Crickets

Crickets are also great insects to be kept. They are mostly kept as pets in countries like Japan. Some people find their sound soothing and so they keep them as pets.


Crickets are easily available at pet stores and can be easily housed, they don’t bite and can be easily handled. You can keep them in glass containers, but they should be provided with some things to hide behind.


Some insects such as praying mantis, cockroaches, millipedes and crickets make great pets and can be easily housed in small containers. Insects usually require little attention, apart from feeding them.

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