Can Spiders Swim?

Yes, spiders can swim but not all of them, there are some species of spiders who have the ability of swimming like the fishing spider ( also known as the diving bell spider ), tarantulas, Northern Tree Funnel-Web spider but likewise there are spiders who are not that good at swimming too, we will discuss this in great length in the following moments of the article

A picture answering "Can Spiders Swim?"
A picture of a swimming spider

Spiders are the most widely inhabited anthropods which mean they are not in anyway insects. Yes, you heard that right spiders are not insects. So why are you reading this blogpost under the name “Insect101” because spiders are commonly perceived as insects and leaving behind our favorite and coolest crawling creeps would be such a loss!

Now that we have addressed the basics essence of the question let’s move into a bit more detail of the swimming abilities of spiders

How Do Spiders Swim?

Spiders that do swim use their wide legs to spread their overall weight and push their body ahead. The diving bell spider can dive in and sway its legs pushing its body forward just like a professional scuba diver swimming his way down. They do wait on top of water waiting to catch small fishes when the come near

Down below is a video of a fishing spider whilst it is swimming around

Do Spiders Drown?

Yes, spiders can drown but it takes quite a lot of time for spiders to actually drown. Spiders like the wolf spiders can survive over 24 hours in water while there are other spiders who can do this even better.

Can Tarantulas Swim?

Yes, most of the tarantulas out there can swim. They use their legs to sway around in the water but this swimming pattern is more like walking on water as can be seen clearly by the video attached below. Tarantulas use their large legs to divide their weight and become less sense in water, dividing their weight to all of their 8 legs. This is what helps them swim rather so swiftly

Do Northern Tree Funnel-Web spiders swim?

Yes, Northern Tree Funnel Web spiders are one of the types of spider that can swim and are quite competent at it. Another Australian spider capable of swimming is the Northern Tree Funnel-Web spider, which has venom that is painfully poisonous to humans. But it is rather rare to see Northern Tree Funnel-Web spider swimming as it prefers to do all of its work on land and finds its

Spider Living Under Water

The fishing bell spiders are spiders that can go a step ahead from just swimming and live underwater and rather prefer to do so. Down below is a video elaborating on how they manage to do what they do

Moreover, there is a ‘Plunging, or ‘water’ bug, which is air breathing, yet has the ability to extricate Oxygen from the water (fresh) the main spider that goes through essentially the entirety of it’s time on earth submerged.

Diving spider also uses a unique way of surviving under water. A fascinating system the Diving Spider [Argyroneta aquatica] has is an independent (with silk) Bubble that is loaded up with air, digit by the spiders bring more modest air pockets of oxygen to top off the bigger Silk Bubble of air, appended to amphibian plants underneath the surface… so these spiders don’t have to surface for a whole day, and even can survive this way for over a day. This is a generally ongoing disclosure for the Diving insect, which was recently accepted to surface each 6–8 hours. however whether this spider can likewise go into a trance-like state is obscure… in the event that it has gill breathing limit and air bubbles positioned submerged, this bug is not at all like to suffocated.

Do Spiders Walk On Water?

Yes, there are some species of spiders that can walk on water as we see in one of the videos attached above, one of the species that can walk on water is the diving bell spider. But there are more spiders like the water striders who can walk on water too

Spiders that do walk on water use their wide legs to spread their overall weight and it seems as if they are walking on water.

Do Spiders Drink Water?

Yes, Talking about swimming and spiders one question that often pops up is that do spiders drink water, this is a curiousity risen due to the fact that spiders aren’t usually seen drinking water. This is because spiders usually take their needed level of hydration either from leave saps or from the blood of the creatures they eat. But this doesn’t however mean that spiders don’t drink water, as if they don’t have any other way of getting rid of their thrist they do drink water in small amounts, they just prefer blood as it is more nutritious and beneficial

Hopefully, this article was helpful in giving you an insight into some of the characteristics of spiders and answering a few questions that you might have had about them. If you are interested in going through some interesting facts about social spiders, has a great article written on just that, you can give it a look “here“. And if you want to go through an article about “Do Spiders Get Revenge?”, we have an article written on that as well, you can give it a look “here

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