Can Insects Get High?

Yes, insects can and do get high too but not all of them. It depends quite a lot on the specie of the insect you are talking about, their nervous systems, and whether they have certain types of receptors or not. Moreover,from those that do get intoxicated, not all of them like to be, but there are still changes observed in their behaviours when they are intoxicated. Some recent studies have gone on to stand and elaborate this on quite some length. We will be discussing them in length in this article. So without further ado, lets get started

Getting high is something many humans have experienced through their lives. Some experience it more than others and some are more tolerant to intoxicating things than others which means it takes more amount of the drug for them to get high in the conventional sense Technically Getting high is basically defined as achieving a state of mental happiness/ euphoria from a substance that intoxicates you. But what many wonder do other living things like insects also experience the feeling of getting high and like we humans do. Considering this we decided to write an elaborate article on this very subject and answer if insects along with humans also get high when intoxicated, so without further ado, let’s dive into a bit more depth in this topic

Bees And Intoxication

Bees often lose the ability to fly for a while while they are intoxicated and lay around when they are high on marijuana or drunk. Both things have been seen to nearly do the same effect

In a recent study, it was found that drunk bees are not only less likely to engage in social behavior but are also less likely to and often have random fits of violence. Some bees have also been found to just lay on their backs and start kicking their legs in empty air while just as one might say “enjoying the moment”. Moreover, this is not necessarily much odd behavior for bees as bees are attracted to fermented substances for their intoxication properties, and even the guards of the queen don’t allow the drunk bees to enter into the hive, interesting right!

An unofficial and funny experiment on flies and marijuana

Another study that took sand flies as subjects show that they love eating marijuana plants. Though this may not be for the reasons you think as they do it for the sugary nutrition that they get out of these plants. Moreover, this species of flies don’t really have any cannabinoid receptors, which means this doesn’t cause them to get high. But it was certainly an interesting study that showed how linked many species of insects are to drugs even for unconventional means

“Our findings demonstrate that, in proportion to their abundance, Cannabis sativa plants were consumed by sand flies much more frequently than expected.”

“Presumably, because cultivation of C. sativa is illegal in the countries where we worked, we did not see Cannabis plants in any of the sampling sites except for Kazakhstan, where C. sativa shrubs grew endemically Therefore, we conclude that Cannabis comprised but a small fraction of the available sugar sources in any particular habitat and that its ample representation among sand fly plant meals signifies bona fide attraction.”

Spiders And Marijuana

Though spiders aren’t technically insects, they do fall under the definition of anthropod and are often percieved as insects so why not talk about a study about them getting stoned. Scientists have been getting spiders high since 1948. It first happened when a German scientist named H.M Peters was studying the patterns of web-building in spiders. His garden spiders usually build their webs between 2 and 5 A.M, which made him quite annoyed due to the limited time-frame, so he went on to find some chemical stimulants so that that spiders would build their webs at a more convenient time for him. He started off by giving them amphetamine and observed that though this didn’t change the timing when the spiders produced their webs, it did end up changing the patterns of the webs.

Seeing this unexpected turn of events, he and his team went on to give the spiders drugs like marijuana, LSD, caffeine and mescalin to see what it would do to them. In case you are wondering, these were given to them through adding them in sugar water or injecting the drugs into flies and then feeding those flies to spiders.

It was observed again and again that ingestion of different drugs led to the spiders’ producing different kinds of webs. And soon enough it could be easily identified from a picture of their web, which one of the spiders is high. If you want to know more about this study mentalfloss has a great article on this very topic, do give it a look if you are interested “What Does Marijuana Do to Spiders?

Do Praying Mantises Get High?

A picture of a smoking praying mantis to better answer "Can Insects Get High?"

Yes, though there have been no official studies done on this stance, but many people have tried to do this unofficially and found that praying mantises do get high on instances and certain differences have been observed. High Praying mantises have been observed to become slower overall and less interested in eating and catching food as it gets more in a relaxing mood

Different Signs Of Intoxication In Different Insects

Though not all insects’ species get high and act differently, even the ones that do, show different signs after gettting high. Some species have been found to become more energetic and aggressive, whereas, others have been found to become more relaxed and carefree.

Fun Fact:

As most insects breathe through their skin, any kind of airborne chemicals can get them high depending on the specie. So if its the right kind of insecting, you just blowing on it can get it high too

Do Cockroaches Get high?

No, though there have been no official experiments done on this very insect. In the unofficial experiments that were done, no difference in behavior was seen in Cockroaches when they were made to smoke marijuana or even given alcohol

Hopefully, this article was helpful in answering some of your insects’ related questions. If you want to go through an article on what insects eat, we have a great article on that too, so do give it a look if you’re interested “What Do Insects Eat?

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