Can A Hercules Beetle Lift A Human?

Hercules Beetles are a type of Rhinoceros Beetles and they are usually found in southern Mexico, south of Bolivia, and lesser Antilles. They are famous for lifting heavy weights and in this article we are just going to clarify that.

So Can A Hercules Beetle Lift A Human? Hercules beetle can lift up to 850 times their own weight, and on average they weigh around 85g, so if you do the math it comes to right around 72.25KG or 159.28lbs, this means they can lift a younger human or anyone who weighs less than 72Kgs.

How Much Can A Hercules Beetle Lift?

So you’re probably wondering how much can a Hercules beetle lift, well if you are we’ve got the right answer for you. Insects are already famous for lifting massive amounts of weight when compared to their actual body weight, for example, Ants can carry up to 10 to 50 times their own body weight. Similarly, beetles especially from the group of Rhinoceros Beetles can carry large amounts of weight when compared to their body weight. The reason behind it will be discussed later, for now, we are going to discuss how much weight can a Hercules Beetle actually lift.

Hercules Beetle

Hercules Beetles can lift up to 850 times of their body weight, to determine the weight they can actually lift we first have to find the weight of a Hercules Beetle. So how much do Hercules Beetle weigh? Hercules Beetles weigh anywhere from 34g all the way to 140g, so they can carry up to 119kg. So to answer the previous question in a more authentic way, we can say they can carry any human who is less than 119kg, as the lowest weight they can carry is 28kg.

Hercules Beetle WeightWeight They Can CarryAverage Adult Female Weight = 170.6lbsAverage Adult Male Weight =197.9lbsAverage Child of 10 Weight = 70.54lbs
34g28.9Kg Or 63.7lbsCannot LiftCannot LiftCannot Lift
85g72.25Kg Or 159.28lbsCannot LiftCannot LiftCan Lift
140g119Kg Or 262.35Can LiftCan LiftCan Lift
Can A Hercules Beetle Lift A Human?

I hope that the above table clarifies your questions about how much can a Hercules beetle lift and can it lift a human. Later in this article, we’ll now discuss what is the reason for this strength in Hercules beetle.

Why Is The Hercules Beetle So Strong?

By now you’ve probably wondered the reason behind this strength in the Hercules beetles. So let’s talk about it, the reason behind the Hercules beetles being so strong is their size, you see smaller animals or insect are proportionately stronger, for example, ants can also lift up to 10 to 50 times their own body weight, but a much larger animal or a human can lift these types of weight, because they also have to spend energy lifting their own weight. Larger animals may have more strength, but they can’t lift insane amounts of weight because a lot of their strength and energy is spent lifting and sustaining their own body.

On the other hand, tiny insects have less mass to carry around, so they can dedicate more of their muscle mass in lifting much heavier objects.

hercules beetle

Some other factors also favor smaller animals, as they do not have to sustain complex and larger systems such as blood circulation and respiration, so the food they eat can help them build stronger exoskeletons which can help them lift weights much better than soft tissue most large animals have.

Some other researchers say that it might be because of evolution that these beetles have grown so strong. Hercules Beetles compete for females for mating, and due to this there are occasional fights with other beetles, overtime to get more and more mating partners, these beetles might have gone stronger.

Is Hercules Beetle The Strongest Insect?

No, the Hercules Beetle is not the strongest insect, the horned dung beetle is the strongest beetle. While the Hercules beetle can lift up to 850 times its own weight, the horned dung beetle can lift up to 1141 times its weight.

Now that we know that the horned dung beetle is the strongest insect, let’s see which one of them can lift more weight. Horned dung beetles weigh up to 3.5 ounces, around 100 grams, whereas, Hercules Beetles weigh up to 140 grams. According to this, the Hercules beetle can carry up to 119KG whereas the horned dung beetles can only carry up to 114.1KG. This means that although horned dung beetles can carry much more than their body weight and are stronger, still Hercules beetle carry more weight than the horned dung beetle.

Max Weight Horned Dung Beetles Can CarryMax Weight Hercules Beetles Can Carry
Max Weight The Two Beetles Can Carry

Even though the strongest insect is indeed the horned dung beetle, it is still not the strongest animal. So what is the strongest animal?

What Is The Strongest Animal?


The strongest animal is not in the insect class, rather it’s in the arachnids class, and this arachnid is known as Mite. The strongest insect, the horned dung beetle, can lift up to 1141 times its weight, while this mite can lift up to 1182 times its weight, furthermore, a species of mite is also the fastest animal on Earth.


The Hercules beetle is, in fact, one of the strongest insects in the world, and large-sized beetle can lift an adult male and a female human, while an average-sized one can lift a child of 10. The strongest insect, however, is the horned dung beetle, but it cannot lift as much weight as the Hercules weight in terms of sheer weight. Both of these insects, are close but not the strongest animals, that being the Mite from the arachnid class, which also has a species which is the fastest in the world.

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